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And the best pull toys, from top brands like Plan Toys and Hape, integrate learning with fun. Any 70s child remembers the good 'ole Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone. This toy encourages movement with its short string that's perfect for older infants who still spend time lower to the ground. Apparently, Dawn doll sales surpassed Barbie sales for a brief period of time. However, these cute little dolls were discontinued when Topper went out of business in 1973. Above are the three that I own. Dawn dolls and accessories can be found on eBay in a large range of prices from US $.99 to $135.00. Oct 9, 2018 - Dolls from my childhood. These dolls are so dear to my heart. See more ideas about Dolls, Childhood and Vintage dolls. 1963 Mattel Shrinkin Violette doll often referred to as Shrinking Violet doll, 17" tall, stuffed cloth doll, talker with pull string, eyes and mouth moved when she talked, printed face with blue eyes, yellow yarn pigtail hair with violet ribbons, violet dress, white socks and.

Ideal Thumbelina Dolls. Thumbelina is based on a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale and has inspired a wide range of Thumbelina doll models. These include some vintage models from the 60s and 70s and ones inspired by the Don Bruth produced animation film.

Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made. When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." His string is no longer there. 23/02/2007 · as the body made its way back up the doll says various phrases. a doll i had during the 70's where by you pulled the body away from the head on a cord?. are observing somebody and fearful that they'll say something rude or loud concerning the guy and so as that they pull them away. One of the other members of the Crissy family of dolls was “Baby Crissy,” a large 24 inch 610 mm doll with adjustable length hair controlled by a simple pull-string. "Baby Crissy" was the size of a nine-month-old which is why to this day, many of these "Baby Crissy" dolls can be. Make Offer - Vintage 1964 Mattel Drowsy Polka Dot DROWSY DOLL Pull String Mute Voice Box. ORIGINAL, 1964 Vintage Mattel Polka Dot DROWSY DOLL, No Longer Speaking. $85.00 5d 21h $19.05 shipping. Make Offer - ORIGINAL, 1964 Vintage Mattel Polka Dot DROWSY DOLL. 12/04/2012 · 1971 Mattel Talk Up Doll Pull String Talking Doll Talk Ups.

Blythe is a fashion doll, about 28 cm 11 inch tall, with an oversized head and large eyes that change color with the pull of a string. It was created in 1972 and was initially only sold for one year in the United States by toy company Kenner later purchased by Hasbro. If you grew up in the 80s, you've probably owned many of these classic toys. Lite Brite, Micro Machines, Simon Says, Mr. Potato Head, Lincoln Logs and Cabbage Patch Dolls are among the most popular. Moon Shoes, Bubble Mower, and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots may be less popular, but no less awesome. Items in Gallery Page May or May NOT Be In Stock! Please Read! Partial list - Some of the neat 1950's, 1960's, 1970's Vintage & Old Toys we have sold in the past & always looking for! Description Barbie Dolls were popular through out the 70s and still are today, they have changed and evolved each year to cater for the latest fashions and trends,. pull her ring, and her answers include "why not?", or she may say "I don't think so", press her and pull her hair it grows and grows, Crissy wears a long elegant robe. Erector Sets.

23/03/2015 · Coloured televisions were in their prime and children of the 70s were among the first to watch TV in full colour, giving rise to some of the most iconic children’s television. Forget mp3 players, video games and remote control toys, your chunky black cassette tape player, inanimate doll and ball-and-string toy, provided you with hours upon hours of entertainment. I had a couple of the pull string talking ones. These toys got hours of playtime almost daily. They were good for indoor rainy day playtime as well as outdoor adventures in all seasons. Though many accessories seem to vanish in the snow! For the most part they took a beating. We had many instances of broken Johnny West trigger fingers and. This toy really doesn’t fit into the unsafe or lame category, but I had to include it because it was briefly one of my favorites. The Op-Yop consisted of two plastic, multicolored discs with a string running through and between them. When the string was pulled together, the discs moved apart and then clapped together with a loud noise.

My Vintage Doll Collection From the 1960s and.

Granted, it looks nothing like the rainbow coalition-like backpack Mork toted around in the show, it does actually talk well and was stolen from their Big Jim talking back pack design. The box has a hole for the pull string, which has led to a number of boxed figures now missing the talking string mechanism as kids yanked them out. This is the 14" Talking Count rag doll by Knickerbocker. I've shown it below next to the 15" Bert for size comparison. This doll is broken and no longer "talks", but originally it had a pull string on the back. The 15 inch Ernie and Bert rag dolls were available in the 1975 Wards Christmas catalogue. 03/09/2013 · I don’t know you. I don’t know where you’re from or what you look like or how old you are. You might be a judge or a cook or a priest or a clown. I don’t know. But what I’m pretty sure about is that at one point or another, you’ve been involved with most of the toys below. It’s just. By the mid-70s they had sales of $1.5 million, employed roughly 70 people and a product line that grew to 32 dolls and six games, becoming the largest producer of Black dolls and toys. One of their popular dolls was Talking Tamu, a pull-string talking baby doll.

Save on Vintage & Antique Cowboy & Western Toys Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Super Bang PLASTIC RING CAPS CAPSULES 96 SHOTS Made in Italy. 14/09/2009 · a doll with a string in the back pull it and the eyes change color? i had a doll my mom bought for me in the late 70s 1978 0r 79 you pull the string and her eys would change color i really want one if anybody knows let me know? It is expected today that a toy will be themed after something in the movies, on TV or available from some other kind of media, but that phenomenon really grew and took hold in the 1960s. What toys did kids play with in the 1960s? The most popular toys in the 1960s were: Molded Plastic Playsets Army Men, Cowboys & Indians, Civil War, Farm, etc.. 10 Totally Forgotten '80s Girl Toy Lines. Cabbage Patch Kids and Jem may have rocked your world, but what about Maxie dolls? Posted on September 19, 2013, 01:39 GMT. There were three initial dolls in the line: Sandy, Coral, and Shelly, and each came with her own floating lily pad–shaped sponge and comb of course.

Ideal Thumbelina Dolls for sale eBay.

About Ideal Crissy Family Dolls. In 1969, the Crissy Doll hit shelves and quickly became one of the hottest toys of the next decade. Kids loved the 18-inch doll because a knob on her back made her hair "grow," and they could style it any way they wanted. VINTAGE MATTEL TALK Up Doll 1971 Talking Figure Works Wind Up Pull String Toy - $55.00. You are bidding on a 1971 Mattel Talk Up doll. She has Joanne Worley's voice which is cool and she does work. Her dress could use a bit of cleaning. It is plastic and she has a few tiny spots where the yellow paint is off such as on one toe. Happy Bidding.

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